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Prepping Gear Tactical Gun Safe

Prepping Gear Tactical Gun Safe

Whether you are a seasoned prepper with a great list of supplies and tools or you are just getting started out, a gun safe is a great addition to any prepper arsenal.  You have invested a lot in to your prepping supplies and have multiple lines of defense…now what do you do with these valuable items?  A gun safe is a great option.  It offers many benefits which we will get in to below.  Don’t leave yourself unprotected.  You are preparing for various possibilities, many of which could include some type of civil unrest.  Protect your valuables whether home or away with a strong safe.


prepper gun safe


Some reasons to own a gun safe:

  1. Safety – Owning firearms comes with a responsibility so owning a gun safe not only protects you against burglary but also protects those around you and keeps them safe from your guns falling in to the wrong hands
  2. Prevent Child access to firearms – Along with safety, you do not want your firearms in a place accessible by children.  Keeping them locked away in a safe will prevent access to them keeping our children and those that they come in contact with safe.
  3. Protect 2nd amendment rights – demonstrate responsible firearm ownership by keeping your guns safe, protected, and inaccessible from those who should not have access to your weapons.
  4. Protect against theft – this almost goes without saying.  having your guns locked away in a strong gun safe will keep your firearms away from those trespassing
  5. Keep yourself out of court – again, owning a firearm comes with great responsibility.  If you own a gun and it is stolen and used in a criminal act you could find yourself in court.  Yes, you could find yourself in a very expensive, stressful lawsuit if it is determined that the gun used in a criminal activity was not obtained from you because it was not stored away in a safe manner.
  6. Protect and organize other valuables items and prepper supplies – gun safes can come in various sizes and it is recommended that you purchase a safe that is larger than your current needs.  If you buy a safe that is just big enough for your current firearms then you limit your space to grow.  If you purchase a larger safe then you have additional storage space.  Space that can be used to store other valuables, other prepping supplies, etc.


There are various types of safes to find the safe that is best suited for your needs

  1. Floor safes – these are large, floor standing safes that offer the largest amount of storage space.  They also offer greater protection because they are too bulky and heavy for someone to walk away with.
  2. Wall safes – these are smaller safes that can be mounted in the wall.  These are great for concealment but are more limited in what you can store in them
  3. Floor safes – similar to wall safes, these offer great concealment by mounting them in the floor.
  4. Small lock boxes – these are great for one or two weapons that you want to have more accessible.  There are many options including key lock, button combination locking, and also fingerprint, biometric locking.  These are great for your home defense or your concealed carry weapon while you are at home and great to be bedside while sleeping.



In this article I will now focus on a floor safe that allows for great protection, room to grow, emp safe locking mechanism, and a great look.


prepping essentials storage


This safe offers:
-Room for up to 24 guns
-2 hours of fire protection at 1880 degrees
-Meets an Exceeds National Security Standards for Theft and Fire
-Palusol fire seal – Expands to keep out heat
-Alarm System Ready
-Tactical Door Storage
-Room for all size weapons
-Door storage for firearms and other items



The digital lock on this safe is EMP resistant, as well as back lit. This will allow you to get in easily, and quickly, even in the hardest times.


emp prepping safe lock


This safe is great looking which will look great in your home as well as provide a high level of security and safety.


Prepping Gun Safe Tactical


Dimensions: 59” x 30” x 27” w/ handle 
Inside dimension: 57.5” x 27.5” x 18”
Weight: 748 lbs



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